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Chaney Systems provides shared and dedicated hosting services for your website.

Shared hosting is designed for users with lower site usage per month, people just starting out hosting, and those looking for a completely managed solution.  Dedicated hosting provides our clients with their own server that can be managed directly by them or through Chaney Systems.  This type of hosting is for companies with high bandwidth and server resource requirements

Our servers provide the reliability you expect from your web host. We keep the number of customers per server to a performance-based minimum to give your site the speed and performance it deserves. Our servers are monitored 24/7 by experienced technicians and connected to our powerful multi-homed backbone.

 Data Center Hosting Facilities and Services Include:

    * Windows 2000, 2003 and Linux OS
    * Regular Backup Services
    * Email services and SPAM filtering
    * Website graphs and usage reports
    * FTP and remote access solutions
    * SSL Security
    * Database Backend Solutions

    * Firewall Protection and VPN Solutions
    * Domain Registration and Management
    * High Speed Redundant backbone
    * 100% Cisco and 3COM Switched Network
    * Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Name Service
    * Secured Rack Space
    * Climate Controlled Server Room

    * Redundant Power
    * 24/7 Traffic Graphs and Utilization Reports
    * 24/7 Network Monitoring
    * 24/7 Server Monitoring
    * 24/7 Security Monitoring
    * Fire Detection Systems
    * Motion Detectors and Keypad entrance